Comedy Rocks ITV1

9 Jan

After hearing about Comedy Rocks I thought I’d give it a watch. But woefully ITV’s player doesn’t seem to function on Android. Instead I am redirected to ITV mobile. Containing a wap address! There I can watch all the defective drama I could ever want. Marple, inspector morse etc. The best of what ITV currently has to offer! No worries a quick Google and I can watch clips nicked from the show on you tube, I assume minus the ads ITV relies on for revenue. Just another example of ITV missing the boat and their future audience.


Coming to a tele screen near you… soon

21 Nov

Coming to a tele screen near you… soonish.
On only it’s second night, the Poly’s comedy night is shaping up to be one of the go to events of the month in Falmouth.
Don’t take my word for it, watch a video proving it soon.

Falmouth Oyster Festival 2010

26 Oct

At the Oyster Festival this year, I was asked to produce some videos to be screened during the event. We produced two videos, one featuring Oysterman Tim Vinnicombe and the other, Oyster Gathering set to Cornish Lads Song by Rodger Bryant.

During the production of ‘Falmouth’s Future’ we interviewed Oysterman Tim Vinnicombe, asking him about Oystering and his thoughts about the Future and it was this footage that was included in the videos.

The videos received positive feedback and it was good to see the real life of an Oysterman depicted on screen providing an excellent backdrop to the festivities.

Oyster Gathering Montage

Tim Vinnicombe Interview

The Honey Honey Show – Working on The Promo

29 Sep

The Honey Honey Logo - Complete with Spinning Mirrorball

One of the things I did over the summer was to work on  production of The Honey Honey Show, a kids theatre production with audio visual elements.

Think Mama Mia with Benny Bear as the star.

Script Editing, Filming, Directing, Editing and Producing All elements.

Benny Mixing On The Decks

Benny and Bjorn Pose For A Photo

I was contracted early on to discuss the logistics of the script written, how we would film it with what etc. Working with the lighting designer and the producer we sketched out the script elements to be filmed and constructed. Once all the filming was done I was asked to put together a promo for the show using the materials we had filmed and footage I’d filmed from an earlier gig at the Cannizaro festival in Wimbledon when the band (1974) had closed the festival.

The promo was mainly needed for theatre playout systems and websites to advertise the upcoming show. Therefore it was constructed to act as both a mute piece and to feature a narration when sound was used.

With silly fonts and bright colours to appeal to the age group of young children and to invoke the nostalgia of Abba to the parents.

Heres the finished promo.

Behind the scenes of documentary production – Planning and Logistics

12 Jun

During the production of the recent documentary i’ve been working on, many logistical discussions occured, this by far was the most epic. Lasting for at least half an hour. Bought to you in all it’s 720p 50 Glory – here’s an insight into documentary production.

Filming Sanjay’s Roadshow

12 Jun

So the roadshow is finally completed, the first major collaboration with various departments and years in my university, It’s good to have it finally finished.

Click On the Tile Card to Watch it.

So how did this project come about?

The project started whilst I was working as part of the local Oyster festival camera team, media centre manager Alan Barnes introduced me to Sanjay Kumar – local celebrity chef and big community worker. Sanjay and fireman Martyn Addinal were interested in collaborating for charity staging a cooking event, where the fireman would cook a delicious dish for their wives, learning from Sanjay whilst they gave fire safety advice. Another simple project then?

No way, the first stage was to assemble a core crew who would be able to run the entire operation. In the space of a week the operation came together, the script was written, the crew found and production began. Floor Plans were drawn up using the production software Celtx and members of the crew were briefed.

The day of shooting was the most nerve-wracking, having taken the responsibility to see the idea through from its seed, it was now my responsibility to get it made. The original plan was to shoot the programme at the Greenbank hotel, which I had already reccee’d. Close to the day of shooting the location was changed to Pendennis Castle – a great location on paper, a nightmare for camera, sound and the crew.

Original Location Reccee

Setting up at the castle we had to use all our joint knowledge to get set-up and ready to roll in a short space of time, positioning 3 cameras: a master wide, camera left and camera right as well as a fourth in the dining room for the fireman’s wives. The recording was so nerve-wracking, suddenly for the first time the responsibility I held dawned on me and I had to find answers and solutions for the crew. The mistake I’d made was not to have a second in command, this meant that at times I had to micro manage, not a great situation to be in. Before I knew it, the time to panic was over and the show began. Never before have I had to direct about 8-9 fireman, a celebrity chef and a crew, I learnt a lot in that time. Once the cameras started turning I was able to direct the show through radio headsets and a monitor bank set-up out the way from the kitchen. Production wrapped, we all headed down to the Greenbank for shepherds pie courtesy of Sanjay. Feeling good about the shoot and looking forward to the edit.

A quick turnaround on pre-production, we had pulled it off,  now it was time to see what we had in the edit and turn the night into a show.

Cornish Native Oysters – The Next project?

12 Jun

Last term after the conclusion of Sanjay’s Kitchen, I met with Sanjay to discuss what was next. In the unassuming location of the local Weatherspoons, Sanjay suggested a new cooking item on Oysters from a fisherman he knew. Local Oyster fisherman Chris Ranger and his attempt to put on a new local Oyster festival all about freshly caught local produce and the community. Meeting up with Chris and a team I had assembled for the project, we planned to go out with Chris on the Oyster boat and interview him, whilst learning about the life of an Oysterman. Little did I know this encounter was to open up an entire world and ultimately was to lead us on a journey through the Majors inauguration, the local docks, a trip on the river, the environment agency a pub in Mylor and the future of Falmouth.

Photos Were Taken By Moritz Elle.