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5 Nov

So The Latest News On My Radio Project The Binder. The Binder: A spoof radio serial has been in development since September. The programme is an attempt to pay homage to the classic wacky and surreal radio comedies such as The Goon Show and Round The Horne.

The Binder – The 79 Poppadoms: A Stranger visits the Binder and makes him an offer he can’t refuse.

Watch An Exclusive Making Of Video Here:

Written And Produced By Myself With Tom Williamson [Ident Television].

The programme is currently in post production. Recorded In The University’s Recording Studio, it was brilliant fun to write and to work on and we hope the programme is enjoyable to people as it was for us to record. Featuring largely improvised scenes with the characters the programme never takes it’s self too seriously. It features a renowned Book Binder who by day is a world famous book binder – to the rich and famous and by night solves mysteries and international intrigue.

Staring Loz Shannahan As The Binder and Andy Hansard As The Stranger

More News Of The Binder To Follow