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Professional Attachment In The “Can”

14 Feb

So I’m starting my professional attachment tomorrow. After getting back from Cornwall and having finished Sanjay’s Roadshow (a community television programme which I produced, directed and edited with a friend) I feel it’s time for a change: new locations, people and work. Spending sometime in the professional industry again.

Having not worked or experienced the industry in London for a few years, I am looking forward to starting this placement. Can Tv are a successful television production company who specialise in primetime reality tv programmes as well as corporate jobs. This is my first time working for a commercial television organisation and it will be interesting to see how different their values really are, from the BBC of which in the past I’ve had 4 weeks work experience at.

My official title will be  Production Runner and even though I can’t be exactly sure what my role will be, I’m sure the experience will be hugely beneficial to myself and give me a good insight of Modern Television production. Looking forward to tomorrow and finding out just what my role will be.


First Musings

30 Dec

So the Christmas Period is over, i’ve had far too many mice pies and I’m fed up with the never ending turkey dinners. With a new year just round the corner I feel it’s time to look forward. I’m halfway through my Broadcasting course at University College Falmouth and it’s nearly time to step into my professional attachment. I wouldn’t say I’m worried but I do feel a little nervous, it’s been a couple of years now since I did work experience, on Love Soup and The House Of Saddam at the BBC Drama Department. Suddenly the daily commute and the expensive canteen lunch, (eating at the BBC was surprisingly expensive) doesn’t feel that long ago. But things have changed, back then I was a work experience boy, with a love of television and very little skill or confidence. It seems an age ago, a work experience kid went up to television legend Verity Lambert praised her work, especially Adam Adamant!

Now after a year of the Broadcasting Course at Falmouth, I feel ready to once again glimpse a sight of professional Broadcasting. Over the summer I worked on various collaborative projects such as my work for Dott Cornwall, Hall for Cornwall and the forthcoming Sanjay’s Kitchen mostly acting as Producer/Director. As well as a variety of live roles as cameraman and sound engineer for local festivals. At this moment I am sitting here in the office/spare room,  fingers crossed that my first choice professional attachment, which has been in the works since the summer will be confirmed. If I get the green light I’ll be able to enjoy the first unit of the new term, Research and Methods without worrying about the attachment.

This is the first entry in a series of blog entries themed around my Professional Attachment. I’ll be including inspiration as well as influences, contrasting and comparing with the structure of public service Broadcasting and documenting the whole experience on this blog.