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Launch of Media Hive

5 Nov

It Begins

So here it is, the launch of Media Hive. Media Hive was the Brian Child Of Tom Williamson [Ident Television] And Myself.
We wanted to see if we could unite students of all disciplines.
Heres what it’s all about.

Media Hives Mission is simple.

To connect and promote the different skills and experience of the creative community around Falmouth as well as to encourage cross collaboration between all people, courses and skills.
The Hive Also Holds Regular Networking Meetings, giving members an opportunity to discuss current projects and skills. As well as to request any assistance and gauge interest in ideas.
Media Hive Is Based At University College Falmouth, but any of the creative community in the local area are welcome to join.

Media Hive Can Be Contacted Here
Currently The Hive Has 20 Members of Varying skills and disciplines.
Visit Media Hives Base At
The Hive’s first project will be the search continues. Details to follow.