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The Avengers In Pictures: Dead On Course. (Series 2, 1962)

28 Dec

The Early Avengers In Pictures: Dead On Course

Episode Synopsis:

Steed And King Investigate a plane crash in the Emerald Isle. But why was the pilot strangled?

Written By Eric Paice

Produced By Leonard White

Directed By Richmond Harding

I could swear that was Leslie Phillips... oh no just a look alike.

Mid Shot - Nice And Moody

Two Shot In Front Of Glass - Nice

Steed's Famous Ah So That's What It's All About Look

Dr King - Goes To The Monastery To Confess His Sins

King Confesses His Sins

Keel And King Stop For A Bite To Eat At The Local Harvester

Is that David Frost Over There?

Happiness Is A Cigar Called Hamlet

We Nuns Are Very Well Equipped.

Steed Innocently Strangles A Man

All Our Top Secret Files Have Big Bold Letters, So We Can See Them.


The episode was entertaining enough, but towards the middle it started to drag. Viewing the episode it was plain to see the different elements which made the show a classic, had always been there. Creepy Locations, Bizarre Deaths, international crime and wry humour. As Leonard White says on the dvd, necessity is the mother of invention and thats when the show really came into it’s own.

For More Info on This Episode Please Check Out David K Smiths Excellent Website: The Avengers Forever. and Thanks To Jazz Wiseman For Producing The DVD and Making This Review Possible.