The Honey Honey Show – Working on The Promo

29 Sep

The Honey Honey Logo - Complete with Spinning Mirrorball

One of the things I did over the summer was to work on  production of The Honey Honey Show, a kids theatre production with audio visual elements.

Think Mama Mia with Benny Bear as the star.

Script Editing, Filming, Directing, Editing and Producing All elements.

Benny Mixing On The Decks

Benny and Bjorn Pose For A Photo

I was contracted early on to discuss the logistics of the script written, how we would film it with what etc. Working with the lighting designer and the producer we sketched out the script elements to be filmed and constructed. Once all the filming was done I was asked to put together a promo for the show using the materials we had filmed and footage I’d filmed from an earlier gig at the Cannizaro festival in Wimbledon when the band (1974) had closed the festival.

The promo was mainly needed for theatre playout systems and websites to advertise the upcoming show. Therefore it was constructed to act as both a mute piece and to feature a narration when sound was used.

With silly fonts and bright colours to appeal to the age group of young children and to invoke the nostalgia of Abba to the parents.

Heres the finished promo.


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