Reahearsal At Troubadour – From the archives (recent archives)

23 Dec

After meeting the Heathenz for the first time and deciding that we were happy to work with the band. We were invited to Troubadour Studios. A popular Falmouth recording studio to see the band perform. This was primarily to listen to a range of new songs, which the band had in mind to be our single. Never a group to miss an opportunity it was decided to go to the studios with camera and sound gear. Recording the rehearsal would enable us to listen back to the set and choose a song which we all agreed suited the challenge and had the most commercial viability.

Troubadour is quirky space, located in some sort of old warehouse unit up a flight of stairs it is a hidden treat. Walking up the stairs you are confronted by an assortment of old tech. Old Mics, Reel to Reel machines and a plethora of old instruments. Turning the corner you enter the main live room. A mixture of rugs, chincey lights and more old tech.

We set up a C1000 at the back of the room into a fostex, for archive purposes and set up two cameras to capture the action. One was on a tripod the other was handheld. This was a good opportunity to get a good feel for the band and their chemistry.

Aaron listens to the mix through a door, a technique that he continues to practice every shoot.

The rehearsal went well and was good practice for us and multi-camera filming. Because this was only intended as a rehearsal, we didn’t bring any lights. But Aaron was quick to invent a novel way of lighting up the band for our first amateur photoshoot.

These photos were then used for the setting up of the myspace, facebook etc till we could get a professional photo shoots. It was a great evening and although we came hope exhausted it was a fantastic way to kick off the project.

The audio was used to judge the best songs and the video will be edited into a quick behind the scenes video session with the band including an early performance of Jonny’s Dead.


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