5 Degrees Below Gig – The Heathenz Halloween Horrorshow

5 Nov

So your in the middle of a huge project to produce a single, make a music video, website and loads of extra content towards your degree. What would you do with your spare time?

I know organise a gig! Thanks to Mr Stent. Our group organised a gig on Halloween in order to create some more content for the website as well as just to go out and have some fun. The preperations for the gig were quite a challenge.

HEATHENZWEBCOPY Aaron And Matt On Their Way To 5 Degrees

5 Degrees Below in Falmouth was the venue for the gig. The gear was booked and Aarons girlfriend was persuaded to help us drive the gear to the bar. A quick plan was sketched on the back of a fag packet or similar. For the sound requirements we decided to use two AKG C100’s as left and right overheads patched into a small Berhinger mixer which was then connected to a Fostex digital hard disk recorder. This gave us a good sound for the gig and we were able to patch the Heathenz PA into the mixer as well giving us some good clear vocals as well.

Aaron - Primed For Recording 18112009175

Camerawise we took out three Panasonic P2’s and filmed the gig in a live multi-camera shoot. The tapes would then be imported and matched up so we could virtually direct the shoot. The gig was awesome and the night went really well as our first attempt at videoing live music with a multi-cam set up it was a real education.


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